Sunday, June 25, 2017

Vietnam: HCMC> Dalat> Nha Trang> Da Nang

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Sleeper bus. Cold morning. Motorbike. Mud bath. Battle scars. Sunburnt. Tripod assistant. Fail navigation. Sunsets. Out of petrol. Kind strangers. Over ordering. Banh mi. Never a hungry moment. Walks along the beach. Getting lost.
Thank you for trusting me on the wheels, waiting for me as I take photographs under the hot sun, also facing a tough and challenging time after our bike fell into the mud (my fault la k).
More adventures to come!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


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Veggie Burger. Hot Jam Donut. Pumpkin Pizza. Melbourne Victory. Crowne. Magic Mountain. Curry Riceball. Chrysanthemum Tea. Veggie Nuggets. Bread. Hashbrowns. Black Mirror. Stealing Flowers. Croissant. Doctor Strange. Chips. More Chips. Wilson Prom. Veggie Patty. Zippable Trousers. One-pot Pasta. & can't think of anything else right now.